Crossing the Rubikhan

Where did Shav go??

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Life is full of ups and downs. With the Rubikhans’ gain of one (1) car; we have also lost one (1) team member. It is with heavy hearts that we bid Keshav daraa uulzi (“good bye” in Mongolian, but Shav’ll never know that). Silly Keshav got a silly job in silly India working for the silly MIT Poverty Action Lab. We’re all very proud of him.

For those of you who don’t know—looking at you, Shav’s parents—Shav will be spending the next 14 months in semi-rural India doing economic development research and living in conditions that rival…well, his current room on campus (pictures mercifully omitted). His boss has already stressed to him the importance of “bulking up” in order to gain the respect of the locals with whom he’ll be interacting and developing business/romantic relationships.

Naturally, we tried everything possible to reconcile his adventure with our own—including rerouting our trip through India to drop him off. Unfortunately Afghani, Pakistani, and Chinese visas aren’t as easy to acquire as you might think. And none of us really want to give our family heart attacks. Silly subcontinent.

We’ll miss Keshav dearly on our long drive—his thirst for weird places and extreme circumstance would have been invaluable on our journey. But we’re pumped that he’s ditching us for an incredible adventure of his own—it’s really the only valid excuse he could have given. While it means that our inevitable goodbye has been pushed up from September to June, we can’t wait to trade stories from some of the most obscure corners of the globe.

We’ll miss you, Shav. Crossing the Rubikhan won’t be the same without you. But at least our car will be lighter…

Keep donating away here and maybe we’ll be able to buy a replacement Shav! Just kidding but we would still like to afford a sump guard so Kazakh rocks don’t split our fuel tank in two.

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